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Ensemble Court-circuit

Philippe Hurel and Pierre-André Valade founded the ensemble Court-circuit in 1991, following an encounter with the founders of the Analix Gallery in Geneva. Together "founded by a composer for the composers," Court-circuit has emerged immediately as a place of experimentation, an art project that promotes intense risk-taking in a spirit of total freedom. His strong commitment to contemporary music is the real cement of all: beyond its name shaped like a standard, it is the musicians and their conductor Jean Deroyer who run with determination and virtuosity that Court-circuit owes its nervous, rhythmic and incisive identity. Partner desired by the composers, this ensemble happily assumes the role of agitator of the international contemporary art landscape. The ensemble, made up of top-level musicians, was quickly recognized as an outstanding ensemble. It has been invited by major international festivals and musical institutions: Ircam, Opéra, Radio-France and Cité de la Musique (Paris), Musica (Strasbourg), Aix en Provence Festival, 38e Rugissants (Grenoble), Manca (Nice), GMEM (Marseille), Whynote (Dijon), Warsaw Autumn, Ultrashall and Maerzmuzik (Berlin), Ultima (Oslo), Traiettorie (Parma), Roma Europa, Music Factory (Bergen), Gaïda (Vilnius), NYYD (Tallin), Alicante, Wien Modern, Darmstadt, MNM (Montréal), Boston, Buffalo, Washington... It is also involved in interdisciplinary projects. It has frequently taken part in Paris Opera ballet premieres (Preljocaj/Lanza, Lagraa/Grisey), and begins a fertile collaboration with the Bouffes du Nord Theater (Paris). It is involved as well in other interdisciplinary projects, including severals ciné-concert (René Clair/Yan Maresz, Fritz Lang/Martin Matalon, Robert Siodmak/Alexandros Markéas). The ensemble is regularly invited to take part to the european Integra and Re:new music project, whose goal is to support the development and the circulation of the contemporary repertoire. The discography of Court-circuit includes works by Bertrand, Blondeau, D'Adamo, Fineberg, Grisey, Hervé, Hurel, Leroux, Matalon, Monnet, Murail, Schneller and Reynolds.

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