Schanzer/Speach Duo

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Avant 02 SCHANZER/SPEACH DUO: Dualities – Jeffrey Schanzer (guitars), Bernadette Speach (pianos). (jazz)

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1. Two in the Morning

2. 3 1/2

3. It’s Your Turn

4. Tracings

5. a page upon which…

6. Blue

7. Ajiaco

The Schanzer-Speach Duo is a marriage of styles–pianist Bernadette Speach is a noted new music composer and student of Morton Feldman; guitarst Jeffrey Schanzer is a composer rooted in jazz–as well as a married couple who live in New York and are active on the New Music scene. The resulting mix on DUALITIES is an extraordinary new jazz blend from ruminative, suspended tonalities to frantic workouts in the form of  composed and improvised elements in several short pieces for both acoustic/ electric guitars and piano in duo and solo settings.

The disc is capped off with AJIACO, written for the duo by Tania Léon, a  heady Spanish-flavored stew.
Released 1989.


“One of the year’s 10 best CDs”
—Robert Hicks, Jazziz Magazine, 1993

“The chemistry between them is immediate and forceful. Picture Egeberto Gismonti and Anthony Davis playing Schoenberg.”
—Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

“The idea of paino and guitar is classic, both are sound-board-based, rich in tonal variety, so counterpoint pulls you in two directions,and in this duo form, makes you enjoy the rip. While the angularity is sharp enough for those seeking pointillistic dissonance, the harmonies and structures would stand up with only the top ranks of New Age.”
—Carle VP Groome, The New York Review of Records


Bernadette Speach: Without Borders (mode 16)
Reflections (mode 105)

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