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Chamber Music with Voice (& a Little Jazz)


mode 23 MUSICIANS’ ACCORD: “Chamber Music for Voice (and a Little Jazz)” – works of Sheila SILVER, Laura KAMINSKY and Richard KASSEL. With singers Michael Dash and Christine Schadeberg. Composer Supervised

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Chamber Music with Voice (& a Little Jazz)


1. Canto (1988)  18:04.  First recording.
A setting of Ezra Pound: Canto XXXIX

Michael Dash, baritone


2. Gathering (1987, revised 1988)  4:40. First recording.

Poem by Ruth Bachman
Christine Schadeberg & Tamzen Flanders, sopranos

3. Res Facta (1988)  4:25. First recording.

Sheldon Berkowitz, bass-clarinet
William Trigg, percussion

4. Celebrating… (1989)  5:33.  First recording.

Poem by Patricia Y. Ikeda

Christine Schadeberg & Tamzen Flanders, sopranos & hand percussion


5. Twilight Settings (1985, revised 1988)  23:23  First recording.

Christine Schadeberg, soprano

New York’s Musicians’ Accord was founded in 1980 to bring high-quality performances of innovative new music to a wider audience–they are currently working with Mode on a series of recordings of Luciano Berio’s music. This, their first CD, contains Sheila Silver’s Canto, a dramatic monologue for baritone and chamber ensemble of which Richard Dyer of The Boston Globe said: “…matches Pound’s text with music which boldly occupies a psycho-spiritual region that few others have cared to approach; it is a beautiful work.” Tim Page had this to say of Kassel’s Res Facta in Newsday: “…brief, cogent and expertly written, (with) a welcome strain of dapper, educated modern jazz.” Kaminsky’s Twilight Settings for soprano, string quartet and percussion depicts a musical picture of the magic of twilight. Mayne Miller had this to say in the New York City Tribune: “…having a simple dignity, lyric beauty and dramatic contrast between its movements.” Both Sheila Silver and Laura Kaminsky have had recent releases on CRI.


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