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Newband: “Microtonal Works Volume 2”



mode 33 NEWBAND play Microtonal Works by Harry PARTCH: Daphne of the Dunes; Thelonius MONK (arr. Drummond) ‘Round Midnight; Dean DRUMMOND: Different Drums for Different Strokes; Mathew ROSENBLUM: Circadian Rhythms; James PUGLIESE: Freeze.

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Newband: "Microtonal Works Volume 2"

HARRY PARTCH (1901-1974)
Daphne of the Dunes (1958, revised 1967)
Partch instruments

Freeze (1988, rev. 1990)
flute, zoomoozophone, synthesizer

Different Drums for Different Strokes (1988)
percussion, synthesizer

Circadian Rhythms (1989)
cello, keyboards, percussion

THELONIUS MONK (1920-1982)
‘Round Midnight
arranged by Dean Drummond
cello, zoomoozophone

NEWBAND’S new release of Microtonal music on Mode Records is a powerful follow-up to their best-selling first record (mode 18). While that release showcased the zoomoozophone, NEWBAND’S unique instrument microtonal mallet instrument, this CD also highlights the spectacular instruments of Harry Partch.

This is the first new recording of Partch’s music on the actual Partch instruments since his old recordings from the 1960s. Dean Drummond, the director of NEWBAND have possession of all of the original Partch instruments, and Dean Drummond (NEWBAND’s director) had studied with Partch and played in his ensemble. Daphne of the Dunes makes full use of their exotic tunings and sounds. This 20 minute work is a major addition to the recorded catalog, and NEWBAND plan to record more important Partch works on each of their future Mode releases.

James Pugliese’s Freeze is an atmospheric work linked to Native American themes, featuring the zoomoozophone and flute.

Dean Drummond’s own Different Drums for Different Strokes is an exciting tour de force for solo percussion with digital programming.

Circadian Rhythms by Mathew Rosenblum is based on his special 19-note to the octave tuning, and shows the influences of Javanese and rock musics.

The recital is completed by Drummond’s own arrangement of Thelonius Monk’s ‘Round Midnight, scored for zoomoozophone (3 players) and cello. This surreal and attractive version came about from Drummond’s love of the tune.

Language : English.


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