Charles Wood

Charles Wood
Charles Wood is a composer, and designer and builder of new instruments and sound installations. In his music the process of composition is closely integrated with the implementation of new “musical instruments” specific to his work. His work has been performed at the Zurich Junifestwochen, the Aspekte Salzburg Festival, the Spoleto Festival USA, Minneapolis’ Southern Theatre, by The California Ear Unit, the Antenna Repairmen, the Downtown Ensemble, and at New York City’s Roulette and The Performing Garage. His instruments have been exhibited at Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors Festival and at Seattle’s Warwick Gallery.

Essential Music: profile

John CAGE: One11 and 103 (mode 174)
John CAGE: The Lost Works (mode 55)
John CAGE: The Number Pieces 6 (mode 239)
Peter GARLAND: Another Sunrise (mode 110)
William RUSSELL: Complete Works for Percussion (mode 34)