Ekkozone is a Danish crossover ensemble that masterfully explores the borderlands between classical, world and experimental music. Formed by Mathias Reumert in 2013, Ekkozone quickly became a household name at the esteemed Copenhagen Jazzhouse, and has since performed in most of the country’s major concert halls.

The ensemble enjoys a special connection with the music of Steve Reich and has performed a large part of his oeuvre, including several performances of ‘Music for 18 Musicians’ – e.g. at Northern Europe’s largest music event, Roskilde Festival.

Ekkozone’s mastery of styles ranging from the music of Steve Reich to that of Pierre Boulez and a host of young avantgarde composers, combined with its players’ excellent abilities as improvisers, has earned the group its reputation as one of Europe’s foremost crossover ensembles.

Steve Reich: Sextets (mode 300)

Mathias Reumert Profile

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