Mathias Reumert

Mathias Reumert

Mathias Reumert is one of the most frequently recorded “new music percussionists” of his generation, and collaborates with several renowned composers. Among few other releases of its kind and genre, his widely acclaimed DVD, ‘Solo’, has reached the general music audience. After having won 1st Prizes at three international competitions, including the Gaudeamus Interpreters’ Competition, he made his debut on CD in Poul Ruders’ Percussion Concerto, Monodrama, conducted by Thomas Søndergård – a release that received praise in publications such as New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As creator and leader of the crossover ensemble Ekkozone, Reumert explores the borderlands between classical, jazz and experimental music. He has served as Music Director for Danish Dance Theater tours of the UK and Scandinavia, and has recently embarked on a parallel career as classical conductor.

Steve Reich: Sextets (mode 300)

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