Motion Ensemble

Motion Ensemble

Motion Ensemble is a group based in New Brunswick Canada. Their repertoire is an eclectic mix of contemporary classical and experimental music, often utilizing electronics, improvisation and visual media. The group’s performances take place in public venues, art galleries and nightclubs; they also reach thousands of school children through their outreach programs.

Bass player Andrew R. Miller founded Motion in 1998. The group has appeared at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, Scotia Festival of Music, Montreal’s Jusqu’aux Oreilles, Sound Symposium in St. John’s, and throughout New Brunswick. Motion ensemble has commissioned and collaborated with many of the world’s most interesting composers, including Kunsu Shim and Gerhard Staebler (Germany), Bruce Mather, Richard Gibson, Michael R. Miller and Tim Brady (Canada), Jim O’Leary (Sweden) and Veronika Krausas (USA). Over 25 works have been written for the ensemble.

In the 2002-03 season, Motion became Ensemble-in-Residence at the University of New Brunswick. The group receives support from the Canada Council for the Arts, The NB Arts Board, the Province of NB and the City of Fredericton.

John Cage: Volume 29: Variations I, II and III, Lecture on Nothing
(mode 129)