Sigma Project

Sigma Project

Andrés Gomis, Ángel Soria, Alberto Chavez, Josetxo Silguero, saxophones

“Summam indicabimus signo Σ.“ With this statement, one of the most important mathematicians in history, Léonard Euler, inaugurated in 1755 the use of the capital letter Sigma (the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet) as the addition symbol. Since then, Sigma represents the sum of a finite or infinite series of elements.

SIGMA Project (or, in other words, the combined talents of Andrés Gomis, Ángel Soria, Alberto Chaves, and Josetxo Silguero) is more than a saxophone quartet. It is a crucial conduit for the instrumental music of the 21st century. If the string quartet was the quintessential chamber music formation in past centuries, SIGMA Project claims that role for the saxophone quartet in the 21st century.

Based in Madrid (Spain) since its creation, SIGMA Project, true “Ardittis” of the saxophone (named as such by Scherzo magazine) has participated in more than 10 recording projects and has performed more than 200 concerts in auditoriums and festivals around the world.

Sigma Project: Espacios Intemporales for saxophone quartet (2017) — SIGMA Project (mode 331)