Turfan Ensemble

The Turfan Ensemble

The Turfan Ensemble was founded in 1995 by Philipp Vandré and Thaddeus Watson in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is one of the few ensembles dedicated specifically to experimental music. Drawing from a permanent pool of musicians, the Turfan Ensemble is formed anew for each project. This guarantees high flexibility and does justice to the very varying demands of experimental music.

Turfan is the name of an oasis in Eastern Turkestan, today part of China. There the “Turfan Fragments,” a collection of enigmatic manuscripts in various languages were found, together with numerous Buddhist works of art from the 7th to 10th centuries. Morton Feldman, whose music was taken by the Turfan Ensemble as a starting point, dedicated one of his works to the “Turfan Fragments.”

Philipp Vandré:
John CAGE: Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano (mode 50)
Morton FELDMAN: First Recordings: 1950s - with the Turfan
     Ensemble (mode 66)

Morton Feldman:
Vol. 1: Piano works played by Aki Takahashi. (mode 54)
Vol. 2:  First Recordings: 1950s-with the Turfan Ensemble (mode 66)
Vol. 3:  Complete Works for Violin and Piano-Sabat/Clarke Duo
     (mode 82/83, 2-CDs)
Vol. 4:  The Straits of Magellan - Indeterminate Music - with the Turfan
     Ensemble (mode 103)