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Avant 01 Chris BURKE: Idioglossia – Burke, samplers, synthesizers & instruments. (alternative music). “One of the Year’s 10 Best”, John Schaeffer, NPR’s “New Sounds”

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1. Lifeless
2. Get Below
3. open the doors
4. Freud
5. b.o.a. reach the center
6. The Hat Makes The Man
7. For L.B.H.
8. warning about television
9. Tourette
10. Air Sections
11. drifting
12. World of The Deceptikons
13. it’s a sign
14. Chant Du Styrene
15. Happy In Heaven
16. A Little Yes and A Big No
17. the children
18. The 4th Step
19. H.
20. Television Repairman
21. Crazy Happy
22. The Bold One
23. Everything I Need
24. Devil Wind Watched Her Play
25. Hands Off
26. Love Is Just
27. Listen For Fossils
28. Lifeless Things of Commerce
29. Epilogue

IDIOGLOSSIA, a CD of sounds found and created, marks Chris Burke’s first effort under his own name. He originally came to notice in the mid-1980s with his home-recorded Bam-Bam tapes, a series comprised of a wide variety of musical styles issued under the names of fictitious artists, which were aired extensively over college radio to great response.

Elements from the Bam-Bam tapes, along with digital sampling, sound collage and electronic and acoustic instruments collide for a program of songs and pieces that make IDIOGLOSSIA one of the most musical and intriguing discs featuring sampling techniques.

The music ranges from choppy, complex rhythms to boisterous big-band hommages to electronic dance music. IDIOGLOSSIA’s songs blend into each other in a style reminiscent of 60s psychedelia and 70s concept albums. Sounds and voices from television and radio often provide a fractured narration from the collective unconscious. And dig Burke’s use of Ray Milland’s monolog from X; THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES in his tune WORLD OF THE DECEPTIKONS. A fascinating journey through a melange of musical styles that is sure to appeal.


“Multiplicity of mood is IDIOGLOSSIA’s most immediate apparent tag — all-encompassing cool ambiance is affixed to electronic, sampled U-Turns in and out of sociopathic electro-shock dance, subtle perversions of the spoken word, deceptively mellow wood-nymph lullabies and a slew of other stretches of synthesized consciousness. …What Burke can do with a keyboard and sampler is roughly akin to Adrian Belew and his game-preserve guitar. …Burke’s current vocation as a composer is brought to atmospheric nirvana on this disc with a touch of class inherent in even the most vicious dub decapitations.”
CMJ New Music Report (Jackpot! pick)

“This is precise and entertaining, clearly a cut above most collagists — both musically and in the selection, and the restrained use, of sampled materials.”
—Neil Strauss, EAR Magazine

“With its blatantly wacky cover, IDIOGLOSSIA promises to be just another goof on weird media voices. But Chris Burke — while not at all shy about  humor — is interested in doing more than making snide comments about easy targets. Burke is feeling his way towards something more substantial that can’t be expressed any other way…and taunting you with the obvious amount of work and careful thought that went into the recording.”
—Lang Thompson, Option Magazine


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