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Piano Duo Degenhardt-Kent Play New Music for 1, 2 & 3 Pianos



mode 19 George CRUMB: Zeitgeist; Celestial Mechanics; Earle BROWN: Corroboree — Piano Duo Degenhardt-Kent play New Music for 1,2 & 3 pianos — Peter Degenhardt & Fuat Kent with Jovita Zähl, pianos. Composer Supervised

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Piano Duo Degenhardt-Kent Play New Music for 1, 2 & 3 Pianos


1. Zeitgeist (1988, revised 1989)  30:18  First recording.

Six Tableau for Two Amplified Pianos, Book 1. Written for Degengardt-Kent

2. Celestial Mechanics (Makrokosmos IV) (1979)  21:45

Cosmic Dances for piano 4-hands

EARLE BROWN (b.1926)

3. Corroboree (1964) 11:34  First recording on CD

Peter Degenhardt, Fuat Kent & Jovita Zähl, pianos

The German piano duo of Degenhardt-Kent are among George Crumb’s preferred pianists. Here they had the unique opportunity to work with both Crumb and Brown on this composer supervised disc., awarded four stars in France’s prestigious Le Monde de la Musique. The works range from piano 4-hands (expanded to 6-hands in some movements!) for Celestial Mechanics, to 2 pianos (Zeitgeist) and on to 3 spatially distributed pianos for Corroboree.

Released 1991.


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