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Cage Edition 37 – Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano


mode 180/181 John CAGE: Volume 37: Complete Short Works for Prepared PianoThe Perilous Night, Daughters of the Lonesome Isle, Spontaneous Earth, Music for Marcel Duchamp, Mysterious Adventure, A Valentine Out of Season, The Unavailable Memory Of, Prelude for Meditation, Root of an Unfocus, Two Pastorales; Philipp Vandré, prepared piano.

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Cage Edition 37–Complete Short Works for Prepared Piano
(viewed Feb. 7, 2013). Philipp Vandré, prepared piano. Previously released as a compact disc.

Philipp Vandré, prepared piano

CD 1

The Perilous Night (1944)
I  (2:31)
II  (0:51)
III  (3:58)
IV  (2:22)
V  (0:36)
VI  (3:40)

Tossed As It Is Untroubled (Meditation) (1943)   (2:35)

A Room (1943)   (2:48)

Primitive (1942)   (4:06)

Bacchanale (1940)   (9:28)

In the Name of the Holocaust (1942)   (4:09, 2:08)

Totem Ancestor (1942)   (2:02)

Our Spring Will Come (1943)   (4:30)

And the Earth Shall Bear Again (1942)   (3:25)

CD 2

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle (1945)   (9:33)

Spontaneous Earth (1944)   (2:49)

Music for Marcel Duchamp (1947)   (5:50)

Mysterious Adventure (1945)   (8:36)

A Valentine Out of Season (1944)   (1:38, 1:02, 1:07)

The Unavailable Memory Of (1944)   (3:19)

Prelude for Meditation (1944)   (1:02)

Root of an Unfocus (1944)   (5:01)

Two Pastorales (1951-52)   (5:55, 7:21)

The complete short prepared piano works collected on 2-CDs.

John Cage’s works for prepared piano expose his earliest experimentations in finding new and exotic sounds.

  • Brief and attractive, they are among his most accessible work.
  • This release marks the first time all of his short works for prepared piano have been made available in one set. All the prepared piano works are included aside from the magnum opus, Sonatas and Interludes.
  • Pianist Philipp Vandr´e has recorded Sonatas and Interludes for Mode (mode 50) to great critical acclaim, including the recommended performance of the piece from Gramophone Magazine.
  • Liner notes by Cage scholar James Pritchett.


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