Maria de Alvear

(b. 1960)

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mode 187 Maria de Alvear: AskingAsking: Eve Egoyan, piano. First Recording.

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(viewed Feb. 7, 2013). Eve Egoyan, piano. Recorded in Oct. 6, 2003, Glenn Golude Studio, Toronto, Canada. Previously released as a compact disc.

Asking (2001)   (52:57)
Eve Egoyan, piano/klavier

First Recording

Asking is a large-scale work for piano solo that is a meditation and reflection on all of the meanings of the word “Asking”.

Asking was specially composed for Eve Egoyan.

As with many of de Alvear’s pieces for piano, it is based on a open structure that requires the pianist to make many little and big decisions while playing, so the work itself is asking questions of the pianist.

De Alvear says: “The dialogue between the interpreter and the music is one of the main concerns in my music. It is very important for a work to focus, like a mantra does, the thinking energy of the pianist interpreting the score, so that there is enough space for the inner being of the interpreter to open up and blossom.”

Maria de Alvear was born in 1960 in Madrid, Spain, and completed her studies at the Köln Musikhochschule with Mauricio Kagel. She has made musico-ethnological research in America, Scandinavia, Russia (Siberia) and North Africa, and was a pupil of Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo (Cherokee Nation) and Rahkweeskeh  (Tuscarora Nation) in the USA. She works in interdisciplinary and multimedia contexts as well as in the field of visual arts. She received the Bernd Alois Zimmermann award in 1992.

Eve Egoyan is a Toronto based pianist who specializes in the performance of new works. Eve has performed many world and North American premières, and has appeared as a solo recitalist in Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United States. Her creative partnership with Maria de Alvear began in 1996.

Liner notes by Maria de Alvear.


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