Alain Bancquart

Alain Bancquart

Alain Bancquart was born in 1934 in Dieppe, France. He’s been married since 1955 to Marie-Claire Bancquart, poet, critic, chairwoman for French contemporary literature in the Paris IV (la Sorbonne) university.

Studies: Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.(1950-1959): Violin, viola, string quartet, counterpoint,fugue, composition (with Darius Milhaud).

1962-1973: Third solo viola in the French National Orchestra
1973-1975: Musical-manager of provincial radio orchestras.
1975-1977: Musical-manager of the French National orchestra.
1977-1984: Inspecteur de la musique, Ministère de la Culture.
1977-1983: Producer for Radio-France of “Perspectives du XXeme siècle”
    (Concerts of contemporary music).
1984-1995: Chairman of the composition department in the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris

Awards: French National Prize for Music (1986); Prize of Symphonic Music of S.A.C.E.M. (1987)

Among his works:
Pieces for soloists: violin,  cello, piano, flute, harp. 2 string trios; 4 string quartets; 1 wind quintet; 5 Symphonies for large  orchestra; concerti for violin, cello, harp , guitar; 2 pieces for string trio and orchestra; 2 chamber operas; many pieces for voice and instrumental ensemble (with texts of Marie-Claire Bancquart, and others) and the Book of the Labyrinthe.

Alain Bancquart: Le Livre du Labyrinthe (mode 120/121, 2-CDs)

Roland Auzet: Percussion(s) - "Amour grand terrible champ crtique"
                      (mode 189-192)