David Shively

David Shively

Co-director of Either/Or (NYC) from 2004-2018; solo projects throughout North America and Europe; intermittent ecstatic drone work with UllU; numerous collaborations improvised and otherwise; string band music of Hungary and Romania.

Shively has recorded for Starkland, New World, Tzadik, Mode, Quecksilber, Braxton House, and other labels in addition to compositions for dance, works for film, and sound installations…

John CAGE/Morton FELDMAN: Cheap Imitation arranged for flutes/piccolo, piano & glockenspiel by Feldman (First Recording). (mode 327)

Iannis XENAKIS:Okho; Persephassa; Pléïades — as part of ensemble red fish blue fish. (mode 171/73)