Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke

Pianist Stephen Clarke has appeared as soloist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and the Composers’ Orchestra, and has given solo performances in various cities in Europe and North America. His own projects have included Canadian premieres of works by Scelsi, Feldman, Wolpe and Ustvolskaya. Composers who have written for him include Matteo Fargion, Michael Hynes, and Udo Kasemets. Recordings include a solo CD of works by Toronto-based composer Udo Kasemets (hatArt).

Morton FELDMAN: Vol. 3: Complete Works for Violin and Piano -
         Sabat/Clarke Duo (mode 82/83, 2-CDs)

Barbara Monk FELDMAN: The Northern Shore (mode 244)

Horatiu RADULESCU: Piano Sonata No.2 “being and non-being create each other”,
          op.82; Piano Sonata No.5 “settle your dust, this is the primal identity”, op.106.  (mode 290)

Giacinto SCELSI: The Piano Works 2 (mode 143)

Giacinto SCELSI: The Piano Works 4 (mode 227)

Christian WOLFF: Vol. 5: Complete Works for Violin and Piano (mode 126)

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