Tony Martin

Tony Martin

Tony Martin’s “paintings in time” are legendary. His visual compositions were performed and exhibited in the 1960’s and 70’s across the country, often seen in collaboration with the new music composers working at the San Francisco Tape Music Center. He created the light system for the Experiments In Art & Technology Pavilion at Expo ’70, Osaka, Japan.

The shows of viewer participational sculptures and installations such as The Well, You, Me, We, and Game Room, at the Howard Wise Gallery, were groundbreaking in their incorporation of the psychology and aesthetics of the viewer as a direct and necessary part of the art “object.”

He was awarded an NEA grant to develop the “Vector Image Wall”, a constantly evolving electronically produced drawing made of spatial and moving lines of light, shown at PS 1, NYC. A web work Galaxy, commissioned by Electronic Arts Intermix, is presented at

A visual poem in a digital video projection format, Over Under Across, was recently exhibited at Eyebeam, NYC; and Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His works have been shown at SFMOA, LACMA, Whitney Museum Of Art, and Chicago ICA, and many universities and galleries. A comprehensive view of Martin’s work and career as painter and new media artist can be seen at

Morton Subotnick: The Electronic Works 2 (mode 132)