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Xenakis Edition 14-Linaia-Agon


mode 284  Iannis XENAKIS, Vol.14: “Le dépassement  de soi” – DVD based on the game piece Linaia-Agon, featuring 2 performances + the film “Iannis XENAKIS: Le dépassement  de soi” (by Benny Sluchin, 78 minutes]. With Zythos (first release with video and surround sound).
Plus bonus features and interactive options (DVD only)DVD Video

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Xenakis Edition 14-Linaia-Agon

Xenakis Edition 14

Linaia-Agon (1972)
for trombone, French horn & tuba
2 performances, studio & live, with Benny Sluchin, Jens McManama, Jérémie Dufourt and Arnaud Boukhitine

Zythos (1996)
for trombone & 6 marimbas
Benny Sluchin, with red fish blue fish conducted by Steven Schick
First video & surround release

The documents on this DVD present a musical journey through a wide range of topics focused on Iannis Xenakis and his work Linaia Agon. Conceived by the great new music trombonist Benny Sluchin, it is an interpreter’s quest for truth regarding musical creation, a legendary composer and musical performance at the beginning of the 21st century.

Linaia-Agon (1972), scored for the unusual combination of trombone, French horn & tuba, was an unduly neglected work because of performance problems in the printed score. Those remained unresolved until a computer interface was developed recently by IRCAM in collaboration with Benny Sluchin.

Linaia-Agon is a “game” piece in which 3 musicians, representing the legendary Greek musician Linos [trombone] against the god Apollo [French horn & tuba], battle each via musical strategies in the score. No two versions of this piece will be the same.

OTHER FEATURES in addition to the musical performances:
• “Linaia-Agon by Iannis Xenakis: Surpassing One’s Limits”
A film by Benny Sluchin (78 minutes). With (in alphabetical order) Moreno Andreatta, Gérard Assayag, Jérémie Dufourt, Sharon Kanach, Mikhail Malt, Jens McManama, Pierre Michel, Benny Sluchin, Makis Solomos, and Iannis Xenakis.

The film explores the work in detail through films & recordings of Xenakis himself (featured in rare footage) and a wide group of people who speak of the music and Xenakis’ relation to Greek mythology, mathematics, open-form composition, game theory and computer assisted performance. Sluchin explains the development of the computer interface which assists with the performance.

• One of Xenakis’ last works, “Zythos” (1996) for the unique instrumentation of trombone & 6 marimbas is presented for the first time with video & surround-sound options.

• Iannis Xenakis on “Double Audition”: French radio broadcast from 1974 on Linaia-Agon. Xenakis is interviewed, with two complete performances and musical excerpts live in the studio (57:31, no video, in French with English subtitles)

• INTERACTIVE INTERFACE allows the viewer to perform the piece on computer using sound samples, engaging in a musical battle while gathering points to reveal the final victor. The DVD includes a filmed demonstration of how to use this interface which can be accessed on the internet.

• The films are in French with English and French subtitles.


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