Walter Zimmermann

(b. 1949)

mode 335/37



mode 335  Walter Zimmermann: Voces documents many of Walter Zimmermann’s compositions for voices from 1979–2016. The words set range from Meister Eckhart and Hadewijch to Lermontov, Mandelstam, Jabès, Tranströmer, Ingold and Robert Creeley (with his voice accompanying the musicians). Performers include: Claudia Barainsky, the musicians of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (including David Tudor & Takehisha Kosugi), Tehila Nini Goldstein,  KNM Ensemble, Meitar Ensemble, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Peter Schöne / Jan Philip Schulze, Sarah Maria Sun, Sheva Tehoval / Magda Łapaj, and Walter Zimmermann and Band. Disc 3 is rare recording from 1982: Freunde / Friends sung and played by Zimmermann and his rock/pop/new music band during their U.S. tour, showing a very different musical side of the composer. Deluxe 3-CD set in slipcase with 144-page book of essays and song texts.

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1. Dialogue des deux Roses  (2005) for 2 sopranos, mezzosoprano, countertenor, 2 baritones and violoncello  16:28
Text: Edmond Jabès 
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart; Olivier Marron, cello

2. Himmeln  (2007) for soprano solo  12:42
Text: Felix Philipp Ingold 
Claudia Barainsky, soprano

3. Echoes  (2000) for mezzosoprano, bass flute, basset horn, violin, viola, violoncello  13:43
4. The Edge  (1994) for mezzosporano, clarinet, violoncello, piano, playback  12:52
5. Numbers  (2000) for mezzosporano, alto flute, Oboe d’Amore, basset horn, violin, viola, violoncello, Hackbrett  14:54
Text: Robert Creeley
Tehila Nini Goldstein, mezzo-soprano; KNM Ensemble Berlin

6. Paradoxes of Love  (1987) for soprano and soprano saxophone  7:24
Text: Hadewijch 


1. Aus der Bibliothek des Meeres  (2006) for soprano and soprano saxophone  5:03
Text: Tomas Tranströmer 
2. vertont  (2007) for soprano and soprano saxophone  4:00
Text: Felix Philipp Ingold
Sheva Tehoval, soprano; Magda Łapaj, soprano saxophone

… vergebens sind die Töne … [I, II]  (2015–16) for baritone and piano
3. Stern [I]  3:19
4. Schatten [I]  1:05
5. verbannt [I]  1:57
6. überAll  [I]  6:52
Text: Mikhail Lermontov 
7. Wespe  [II]  2:33
8. Wabe [II]  1:15
9. Klang [II]  1:02
10. Segel [II]  2:07
11. Emaille [II]  2:02
Text: Ossip Mandelstam
Peter Schöne, baritone; Jan Philip Schulze, piano

12. Dialogue des deux Roses (2005, new version 2011)  for 2 sopranos, mezzosoprano, countertenor, 2 baritones, Baroque flute, Baroque violin, 2 Viola da Gamba  13:43
Text: Edmond Jabès 
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart; Meitar Ensemble

13. Das irakische Alphabet [original version] (2005)  12:30
Text: Joachim Sartorius
Natalia Pschentschnikowa, voice & bass flute; Stefan Bartling, bordun

14. Self-Forgetting / Selbstvergessen (1982/92)  13:30
for the Merce Cunningham Company dance “Change of Address” (1992)
Text: Meister Eckhart
David Tudor, harmonium & voice; Takehisha Kosugi, violin & voice; D’Arcy Gray, almglocken & voice; John D. S. Adams, tuned glasses & voice


Freunde. Schalkhäusser-Lieder (1979–84) 

1. Muckn-Blues – Mosquito Blues  2:22
2. Carol’s Dream  2:22
3. Ami-Schicks  2:45
4. Geburtstagsgrüße – Birthday Greetings  1:47
5. Die Gitarre blieb liegen – The guitar was left there  4:08
6. Drums weg  1:56
7. Der Aztekenstein – The Aztec Stone  2:01
8. Miss TL  1:04
9. Über das einzelne Weggehen – Going Alone  2:12
10. Forty Chords for Jon  1:49
11. Krikel Krakel – Scribble-Scrabble  2:00
12. Sang  3:06
13. Quasi Swazi  3:33
14. Thumbstraße 68  2:39
15. Kein Tanzbär mehr sein – No longer a Dancing Bear  4:28
16. Zwischen den Stühlen – Between the Chairs  2:29
17. Iich moch di fei immer nu – I Still Like You  2:39
18. Kehraus-Galopp – Last Dance Galopp  0:37
Walter Zimmermann, voice & piano; Gabriele Emde, harp & electronics; Gerd Leibeling, electric guitar & concertina; Guido Conen, drums & glockenspiel

Voces is a collection of rare recordings documenting many of Walter Zimmermann’s compositions for voices from 1979–2016. The words set to music range from Meister Eckhart and Hadewijch to Michail Lermontov, Ossip Mandelstam, Edmond Jabès, Tomas Tranströmer, Felix Philipp Ingold and Robert Creeley (with Creely’s voice accompanying the musicians). 

Performers include: Claudia Barainsky, Tehila Nini Goldstein, Sheva Tehoval / Magda Łapaj, Peter Schöne / Jan Philip Schulze, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, KNM Ensemble, Walter Zimmermann and Band and the musicians of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company with David Tudor, Takehisha Kosugi, D’Arcy Gray, John D. S. Adams.

A rare recording from 1982 was recently discovered:  “Freunde/Friends” sung and played by  Zimmermann and his rock/pop/new music band during their U.S. Tour in Los Angeles, showing a very different musical side of Walter Zimmermann.

This deluxe 3-CD set comes with a 144-page book containing the complete song texts (with translations) and essays by Albert Breier and Christopher Fox. Lavishly illustrated with photos and art by Nanne Meyer. Packaged in a slipcase.


Schatten der Ideen – ensemble recherché (mode 111)

The Echoing Green – Chamber Works 1986-89 – Hermann Kretzschmar, piano. Michael Bach,cello. DietmarWiesner,flutes.PeterRundel,violin (mode150)

Songs of Innocence & Experience (Music for Strings) – Sonar Quartett (mode 245/246, 2-CDs)

Lokale Musik – reissue of the 3-LP set from 1982, remastered from the analog tapes on 2-CDs.A third CD contains recently recorded supplemental material and performances, and revised versions of works, issued for the first time. Performers include Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Cristobal Halffter, conductor; Beginner Pool Ensemble; Lucas Fels, Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, Erik Nielsen, conductor; Christian Dierstein, Stephen Drury, Gabriele Emde, Franziska Huhn, Geoffrey Morris, Deborah Richards, Reynard Rott. Deluxe 3-CD set in slipcase with 60-page book. (mode 307/09, 3-CDs)

DESERT PLANTS: Conversations with 23 American Composers by Walter ZIMMERMANN: reissue of the legendary book containing Zimmermann’s 1976 interviews, the reissue also contains a CD of the audio of the actual composer interviews. Composers interviewed: Larry Austin, Robert Ashley, Jim Burton, John Cage, Philip Corner, Morton Feldman, Philip Glass, Joan La Barbara, Garrett List, Alvin Lucier, John McGuire, Charles Morrow, J.B. Floyd (on Conlon Nancarrow), Pauline Oliveros, Charlemagne Palestine, Ben Johnston (on Harry Partch), Steve Reich, David Rosenboom, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, James Tenney, Christian Wolff, La Monte Young. Reissued as a facsimile of the original edition, 197 pages + CD, softcover. (mode 324)

John CAGE: Vol. 49 – The Piano Works 9 – First Recordings – 16 Dances for piano (edited Walter Zimmermann); Haiku (edited Don Gillespie) – Jovita Zähl, piano; Thomas Meixner, percussion.(mode 259)

the missing nail at the river for piano & toy piano — Heather O’Donnell, piano & toy piano. Part of the collection Responses to Ives. (mode 211)