Brigitte Robindoré

Brigitte Robindoré

Brigitte Robindoré (b. 1962), a French composer, studied composition and performance practice at the Amsterdam Conservatory with Ton de Leeuw and Jaap Schröder, followed by 2 university degrees, including an Advanced Masters (DEA) from the University of Paris VIII, under the direction of Horacio Vaggione. She was also trained in the classic electroacoustic school of the Groupe de Recherche Musicale (GRM) at Radio France, where she was in residence in 1992. From 1991-1997 she worked for both Parisian centers presided by Iannis Xenakis, Les Ateliers UPIC (renamed CCMIX) and the CEMAMu research centre, where she had the opportunity to work with resident composers such as Iannis Xenakis himself, Jean-Claude Risset, Luc Ferrari, Paul Méfano and Yuji Takahashi. In 1997 she was recipient of a SACEM-La Muse en Circuit award, “Concours International D’Art Radiophonique Luc Ferrari,” with her work L’Enfant et le Phénix with narration by the French actress Emmanuelle Riva of the movie Hiroshima mon Amour. 

Xenakis, UPIC, Continuum: Electroacoustic &
  Instrumental works from CCMIX Paris
(mode 98/99)