Marc Sabat

Marc Sabat

Canadian composer of Ukrainian descent Marc Sabat (*1965) has been based in Berlin since 1999. He makes pieces for concert and installation settings, drawing inspiration from investigations of the sounding and perception of Just Intonation and relating to various music traditions—folk, experimental and classical. He is a frequent collaborator, seeking interactions with other musicians and with artists of visual and literary modes to find points of shared exploration and dialogue between various forms of experience.

Sabat studied composition, violin and mathematics at the University of Toronto, at the Juilliard School in New York, and at McGill University, as well as working privately with Malcolm Goldstein, James Tenney and Walter Zimmermann. Together with Wolfgang von Schweinitz he developed the Extended Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation and is a pioneer of harmonic space music written and performed in microtonal Just Intonation. He teaches composition and the theory and practice of intonation at the Universität der Künste Berlin. Scores and artist editions are available under a creative commons share-alike non-commercial license through Plainsound Music Edition.

Morton Feldman:Vol. 3: Complete Works for Violin and Piano – Sabat/Clarke Duo (mode 82/83, 2-CDs)

Vol. 10: Trio – Aki Takahashi, piano. Marc Sabat, violin. Rohan de Saram, cello (mode 216, 2-CDs or 1-DVD)

Barbara Monk Feldman: The Northern Shore (Mode 244)

Christian Wolff: Vol. 5: Complete Works for Violin and Piano – Sabat/Clarke Duo  (Mode 126)

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