Sabat/Clarke Duo


Canadians Stephen Clarke and Marc Sabat are both active composers and performers of contemporary music. Since 1996, they have collaborated as a piano and violin duo. They have played concerts, made recordings, and commissioned composers to write new pieces, including Maria de Alvear, Martin Arnold, Gerald Barry, Christopher Butterfield, Allison Cameron, Chris Paul Harman, Michael Hynes, Udo Kasemets, James Rolfe, Linda Catlin Smith, James Tenney, and Christian Wolff. Their recordings include the first complete recording of Morton Feldman’s music for violin and piano for Mode (New York).

Stephen Clarke has worked with a number of ensembles and has performed as a soloist in festivals in Europe, Canada and the U.S. He has performed as a soloist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Composers’ Orchestra. He has written pieces for various ensembles.

Marc Sabat’s compositions include concert music (orchestral, chamber and solo works, also with live computer and electronics) as well as projects involving recorded sound, video and film. Through PLAINSOUND MUSIC EDITION, his recent continuing collaboration with Wolfgang von Schweinitz has included theoretical and practical research on the subject of intonation and harmonic perception, and in particular the development of a fully transposing notation system for Just Intonation. Marc Sabat studied at the University of Toronto and the Juilliard School of Music in New York. He currently lives in Berlin.

Morton FELDMAN: Vol. 3: Complete Works for Violin and Piano -
         Sabat/Clarke Duo (mode 82/83, 2-CDs)
Barbara Monk FELDMAN: The Northern Shore (mode 244)
Christian WOLFF: Vol. 5: Complete Works for Violin and Piano (mode 126)

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