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Cage Edition 9-Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4


mode 37 John CAGE, Vol.9: Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4 — Irvine Arditti
(The complete music for violin, Vol.2) 

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Cage Edition 9-Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4

Irvine Arditti, violin

This CD presents the first recording of the second half of John Cage’s Freeman Etudes for violin. Those familiar with the previously-released volume of thiswork will already know what to expect: the bewildering complexity of the Etudes and the astonishing virtuosity of Irvine Arditti’s performance.

Convinced that the later, more complex etudes were unplayable, Cage abandoned work on the Freeman Etudes in 1980, after completing the first sixteen andbeginning the eighteenth Etude. It wasn’t until 1990, after hearing Irvine Arditti’s blistering performances that Cage was encouraged to complete thecycle with the last two books of sixteen etudes. Considering his role in the history of the Freeman Etudes, it is only fitting that Arditti should be the first torecord them.

This is the second release with Irvine Arditti in his traversal of The Complete Works for Violin by John Cage for Mode Records.
Released 1989.


“This is, quite simply, one of the great violin performances on disc. In splendid sound, the release offers a major contribution to  recordings of contemporary music.”
—Heuwell Tircuit; InTune Magazine (issue 2/15, 1993)


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